In 1 Month We Increased Dangers Of The Mind's Engagement By Over 1000%

(1) Invest in Visuals

When it comes to social media, visual content is king. If you are serious about standing out, start investing in high quality graphics and videos.


It’s the only sustainable way to rise above the noise online and build an engaged, loyal following of rabid fans.


You might think you can get away with making your own videos or graphics, but your audience can tell if your visuals are professionally done in a couple seconds.


Just take these two pictures. A picture of the same ‘Share Your Story' feature with a link to the same blog post.

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(2) Have a Theme

When we started working with Dangers Of The Mind their content had no theme. It had random quotes and graphics taken from other brands. And their images used different color schemes and fonts.


When we took over we started using the same color scheme, typography and design on every image. Now you can tell Dangers of the Minds content apart from all the other graphics in an instant.


Our audience can identify the graphics quickly and easily even if they're scrolling through their feed at hyper speed.


Now the content stands out and is distinctive. And when someone shares one of our images, people will know where it came from.

(6) Formatting Matters

Before we started, Dangers of The Mind was very inconsistent in their formatting. Their images were different sizes, the hashtags were irrelevant and their copy was sloppy.


Messy formatting comes off as unprofessional and will kill the engagement of even the best graphic. You should spend just as much time creating/editing the copy of your posts as you do your graphics.


You want to grab people’s attention from the first line with a strong statement or a thought provoking question. And you only want to use hashtags that are highly relevant.


One trick on Instagram is to comment on your post with the appropriate hashtags to keep the post short and clean.

(3) Be Original

When we took over the posts were predictable and bland. It's easy to curate quotes and articles from thought leaders, but everyone is doing it.


These posts might get you some initial engagement and followers, but after awhile you'll start to bore your audience. You have to give people a reason to follow you. You have to think outside-the-box and create original content.


If you want to stand out you have to post content that can’t be found anywhere else. Then your audience will start to actively look for your posts and make sure they don’t miss them.

(4) Engage People

Most brands look at social media like a press release. As another way to talk at their audience. But they're missing the point. Social Media isn't a lecture, it’s a conversation.


A lot of people tend to focus on Likes and Shares to evaluate social media, but I like to look at comments. If you want to build relationships you have to engage people and get them talking.


When we started each post was getting about 1 comment, now we're up to over 10 comments an image.


How? Because we engage our audience. We ask them questions, we ask them to tag their friends and we even ask them to like our pictures.

(5) Start a Campaign

Hashtags are the perfect tool to organize a campaign. With a hashtag you can combine a group of posts across all social media platforms and give people a place to have a conversation about your brand.


We started an #IAmDangersOfTheMind campaign, where we post our members experiences with Dangers of The Mind. We have brand ambassadors use the hashtag in their bio, and have people post their own story with the hashtag.


One click and you’ll see story after story of people involved the movement, which helps promote awareness and gives the brand credibility.

If you want to stand out you have to Then your audience will start to actively look for your posts and make sure they don’t miss them.