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Why BrandGenes?

The Internet changed everything.

It’s now never been easier to reach your audience, but it’s never been harder to engage them. 

The consumer has evolved. With unlimited options at their fingertips, people choose to do business with brands they like and identify with. Their choice is an expression of who they are and who they want to be.

In 2023 people want brands to have a meaning and mission beyond profits.

This new paradigm demands that businesses be more creative than ever before to acquire and retain customers. Strategies that worked even 5 years ago are becoming obsolete.

We created BrandGenes because we wanted to build a creative agency that could help businesses dominate the future with authentic brand storytelling. We specialize in visual content that speaks in the brand’s voice and connects with target audiences on an emotional level. 

By tapping into your market’s beliefs, desires, and aspirations, we can tell stories they genuinely want to engage with and share; leading to more brand loyalty & advocacy.

Consider us the Seal Team 6 of marketing agencies. 

We’re a small shop by design and only take on a handful of clients at a time, allowing us to provide the resources and expertise of a premier digital agency, while offering you the intimacy and working relationship of in-house employees. 

Over the past decade, we’ve cultivated a wide & diverse network of talent. Depending on the scope of each project, we handpick the absolute best team for that specific job.

We prefer agile teams of high-level talent over crowded teams of mid-level performers so we can cover a lot of ground while staying light on our feet; offering our clients a mix of speed, flexibility, performance, and pricing that other agencies and in-house teams can’t match. 

No matter what we’re doing, we abide by the lean startup methodology and operate surgically. No movement or resource is ever wasted.

Our pricing is flexible and can scale up or down. After discussing goals, we’ll work with your team to create a custom strategy designed to fit into your budget and maximize your ROI. 

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