Course Video Production: Intro to Mindfulness

Project: Create a foundational mindfulness video series that gives inmates a positive self-growth outlet. 

Under normal circumstances, the Department of Corrections would have mindfulness facilitators come into their physical locations to lead practice. But with the threat of COVID-19, they were looking for a way to create an online practice they can use to safely scale these efforts. In partnership with Copper Beech Institute, we came up with a digital mindfulness course they can use to give inmates staying at the DOC tools they can use to calm and better themselves. 

We wanted to meet the prisoners where they were at with a safe-space experience that felt inclusive and relatable to someone who is locked up. We could have curated a sensuous set with incense, ceremonial meditation bells, and shot portions outside with nature broll throughout, but we kept it as simple as possible. The scene black/white against a greenscreen backdrop – removing all distractions – the camera becomes an extension of the facilitator, allowing for a deeper connection and immersive practice.

Results: The end result is a visual reflection of the mindfulness that is practiced there-in. Simple. Slow. Soft. The facilitator looks into the camera and connects with the viewer on a personal heart-to-heart level while zen meditation music invites you into this magical inner world. 

With these videos, each cut has purpose; leading to a simpler, more mindful, zen experience. There is no wasted energy, everything has intention and meaning.