Social Media Campaign: #WhoIsFrantzi

Project: Raise awareness in the US market for a new luxury fashion brand for women.  

Frantzi was an emerging fashion company out of Israel looking to develop an audience on social media and use it to launch their capsule collection. As a luxury brand with most products over $5000, we needed to reach an extremely niche and high-value audience segment of wealthy women, fashion bloggers, and models across the United States. With a high CPM (cost per thousand impressions), we needed to make an impact with our creative and be efficient with our inbound marketing strategy. 

To create intrigue, drive exclusivity, and generate interest in the brand we launched a mysterious social media campaign: #WhoIsFrantzi. A campaign designed to empower the modern woman to express her inner beliefs and desires through a story & lifestyle that speaks to her ideal self. With premium flowing imagery, creative brand storytelling, and perfect product placement we were able to raise awareness and generate mass interest for the launch of Frantzi’s debut collection.

Due to the success of our #WhoIsFrantzi campaign we were able to sell out their capsule collection in less than a month. Then after helping them demonstrate proof of concept for the Frantzi brand/products, we created a business + marketing plan that landed them $3 million in investments to finance their seed round.

Results: 4 months

  • Launched Frantzi’s debut collection and gained a foothold in the US market
  • Sold out their capsule collection and demonstrated proof of concept
  • Grew their social media following from 0-30k and built out their online presence
  • Wrote + designed the business plan that secured Frantzi $3 million in seed investment