Ever since they were kids the Rhodes Bros envisioned working together. 

It started on the basketball court. One brother, a point guard with crazy handle. The other, a shooting guard with unlimited range. From a young age, they had innate chemistry on the court and synergy in their skillsets, foreshadowing a business partnership that would later develop.

Together, they would dominate youth leagues around the country – leading some of the top teams in the state – before heading off to college. 

Mike grew up to be a filmmaker.

Early on, he cut his teeth producing music videos for independent artists. Acting as writer, producer, director, and editor, Mike learned how to stretch a budget while creating content that captivates the audience’s attention. It wasn’t long before artists from around the world took notice, as Mike became known for his authentic, raw style.

Now fresh off projects with Wells Fargo, Chanel, Ogilvy, Unicef, Adidas, and other top brands, Mike is one of the most exciting talents in the commercial video industry. His artistic, unfiltered visual style and ability to capture intimate, emotional moments of his subjects & environments set him apart from his contemporaries.

Connecticut Mindfulness Retreat Center Social Media Campaign Photographer

James grew up to be a marketing strategist. 

When he was 15, he built a fitness blog to 10k monthly visitors and it was love at first sight. Since then, he has consulted for hundreds of businesses and personally managed the growth of dozens of brands through social media, email marketing, blogging, influencer outreach, and search engine optimization campaigns.

From consulting with a top social network to improve its algorithm, to sparking mass adoption for a travel cryptocurrency, to launching a luxury fashion brand, to split-testing campaigns to maximize ROI for a pharmaceutical company, to helping an author turn a book into a social media movement, to scaling a local retreat center into a global platform — James’s digital marketing experience & expertise is unparalleled.

After both brothers graduated from college, they made it official and founded BrandGenes in the summer of 2015.

Their vision? A content-first marketing agency built for the future of business. One part Hollywood production house, one part Madison Ave ad agency. 

Today, BrandGenes has become a global leader in the digital marketing space. We operate at the cutting edge of creative brand content, helping clients revolutionize their business through innovative inbound marketing strategies.

We create, design, and market content for social media, search engines, websites, television, movies, documentaries, and more. 

Our production studio is in the heart of Connecticut, a short drive from NYC & Boston. We have a Greenscreen, 4-8k cameras, HD lighting & audio recording, Drones, GoPros, and more, so we are more than capable of executing on any project.

We travel across the United States and abroad for in-person live action shoots, while keeping teams lean, so we can offer rates at a fraction of the cost of other agencies. Depending on the project, we have a cultivated network of talent and partners we can tap into, so we can scale without inflating the budget or sacrificing on quality.

Our specialty? Engaging, growing, and monetizing audiences on social media with creative video marketing campaigns. 

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