Hotelier Coin

Social Media Campaign: #ThankYouHotelierCoin

Project: Spark adoption for a new cryptocurrency on a mission to revolutionize the travel industry. 

Hotelier Coin was an emerging cryptocurrency out of Dubai that was looking to gain traction in the travel industry as a replacement for loyalty programs. Our job was to raise mass awareness across the marketplace, showcase all the benefits of the new technology, and develop an inbound marketing campaign that drove people to switch loyalty providers. 

The challenge was reaching a wide global audience of travelers, hotels, bloggers, and crypto investors on a tight start up budget. 

To give us the best chance of success, we launched a referral influencer marketing campaign with a viral loop that rewarded travelers for signing up, referring friends, and posting travel photos with #ThankYouHotelierCoin on social media. Then we developed a network of influencers and sponsored travel bloggers’ trips if they agreed to document their stay on social media using the hashtag. 

By positioning Hotelier Coin as the future of travel loyalty, parroted by a variety of niche influencers, we were able to spark interest and raise mass awareness across the cryptocurrency and hospitality space for pennies on the dollar.

With the success of the campaign, we would help them gain traction in the industry, scale their presence from 0 to 600k hotels, win Best Travel Innovation at the Travolution Awards, and grow their online audience from 1k-20k.

Results: 9 months

  • Launched the cryptocurrency to millions of investors and gained traction
  • Created media kit that won Best Tech Innovation at the Travolution Awards
  • Scaled platform from 0 to 600k hotels, 250k vacation homes, and 700 airlines
  • Grew social media following from 1k to 20k with no advertising budget