Creative Content: The Video Wall

Project: Create an environment of relaxation and calm amidst a high-stress trading floor atmosphere.

Wells Fargo wanted to transform the interior environment of their Hudson Yards offices with iconic shots of the outdoors that inspire a feeling of peace & abundance. The challenge was to design looping “landscape” and “texture” shots that fit a unique medium – 6×30 foot tall – that can stand alone as fine art pieces in themselves while coming together to form a vibe of abundance. We used RED cameras to capture 8k content, so the image can be pared down to a narrow strip while retaining enough quality to form a greater art piece & viewing experience. 

Results: A million-dollar video wall art installation; the centerpiece amongst works by Picasso, Miro, and Rauschenberg that creates an environment of relaxation and calm amidst the high-stress trading, which VP of Wells Fargo, Linda Foggie, called “a beautiful masterpiece.” 

Traders can now escape to one of the most unique lounge areas anywhere. Spanning the 14th and 15th floors. a 6×30 foot tall LED video wall displays beautiful, natural and urban scenes. Watching the content unfold is the perfect way to decompress away from the trading floors. 

“Traders have such high-stress jobs and this secluded area near the staircase between the trading floors is meant as a place for them to lounge and relax before going back into the pit.” 

-Dan Georgescu, Consultant, Robert Derector 

“The space has turned into what Wells Fargo ultimately imagined it could be, a decompression zone filled with images of the big, beautiful world outside the trading floor.” 

-Dan Barron, VP, HB Communications