Social Media Campaign: #WeAreCopperBeech

Project: Rebrand a local meditation retreat center as a global mindfulness community.

It was at the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when we started working with Copper Beech. At the time, their audience and business was local, focused tightly in the areas around their Headquarters in West Hartford, CT. But now due to the pandemic, they could no longer have in-person programs, so if they wanted to survive they had to turn their business model on its head. Copper Beech brought in BrandGenes to develop their online presence and create demand for their new online workshops, courses, retreats, and events.

To generate excitement and raise brand awareness across the digital marketplace, we launched an inbound video marketing campaign on social media with the hashtag #WeAreCopperBeech highlighting faces and names from around the Copper Beech community. By putting a spotlight on members we gave people a platform to share their mindfulness practice and created a grassroots social media series that CBI’s audience naturally wanted to engage with.

Underneath the social media campaign we developed a series of funnels designed to engage, nurture, and finally convert leads into their email system, where we could continue targeting them with more relevant offers over time. 

To act as bait for leads, Copper Beech created a free daily meditation group, which acted as a natural call-to-action for the campaign (Join us for a practice this week). We’d use this offer to capture over 3k leads at under $1 per email address, then we retargeted this group with CBI’s weekly newsletter to drive registrations for upcoming programs.

We were able to use this strategy to fill registrations for over 50 online programs over the year, including getting over 500 people to join their 14 Days of Love program and over 250 people to join their annual fundraising festival.

Due to the success of the #WeAreCopperBeech campaign, we generated a massive amount of buzz around CBI’s online platform and helped them turn a profit in the midst of a pandemic without their #1 revenue driver (in-person retreats).

Results: 1 year

  • Scaled the business from a 10k local retreat center to a 50k global community
  • Increased yearly paying customers from 11k to 19k (63% growth)
  • Increased yearly donations from 225 to 558 gifts (250% growth)
  • Grew every marketing metric from the last year by 25% or more
  • Generated over 3000 leads for their programs at under $1/lead
  • Maintained 6.5% CTR on Google Ads account with over 50 total ads
  • Maintained 42% open rate with 6% CTR for their email list with 20k leads